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Winter time means snow and ice time. This tutorial helps you to give your logos, your homepage etc. the icy glow.
Create a new image with your text like shown here.
Use <Image>-Transforms-Rotate-90 degrees to rotate the picture 90 degrees. This is needed to use the wind filter.
Apply the wind filter (<Image>-Distorts-Wind...). Select right direction and leading edge affected. A strengh of 5 should be sufficient for most purposes.
Rotate your result 270 degrees (<Image>-Transforms-Rotate-90 degrees). Your image should look like this. Duplicate the layer.
The lower layer should be blurred now (<Image>-Filters-Blur-Gaussian Blur(IIR)... with x=y=4).
Go to <Image>-Colors-Levels and set the output level for red to 0 and the output level for green to 191.
Now return to the uppermost layer. Set its mode to "Addition". Blur it (<Image>-Filters-Blur-Gaussian Blur(IIR)... with x=y=2).
That'a all! Crop your image and have fun!